Lying to the world/My response to Storyofasurrogate

To Jayde: If you find yourself reading this please understand that after almost 5 years without contact that I love you and miss you and hope and pray that someday we can rebuild our relationship in some way, or at least be friends. You know our story, so please understand that I am writing this because I find it ridiculous that after all this time this fairytale is still being told with more twists added than before. You KNOW some things, so please dont hate me for defending myself… Life without you is painful enough as it is

Hello cruel world! My name is Michael, and I am THE Michael mentioned in the blog here at wordpress from Storyofasurrogate, who will be heretofore known as SOS,( or maybe POS). Firstly,it should be known by anyone reading this that SOS spoke of becoming a surrogate many years ago, and it was always mentioned as a way of making MONEY!!! As in ” it would be an awesome way to help someone who cannot have children and make 100 grand for 9 months work”, so anyone who believes that she did it out of the kindnes of her heart should ask her how much she was paid….Maybe a person should ask her about the abortion she had when my daughter was about 14 months old.  I begged her not to do it, and speculate that she did it because she suspected the child in utero was not of MY blood…..So, I am writing this blog in response to this immense sack of lies, in defense of myself, and in hopes that some day I may yet again have some semblance of a relationship with my daughter. In the interest of total honesty I openly admit that I am in recovery from substance abuse issues, and have hit multiple bumps in the road of recovery from active addiction. I fell into addiction after experiencing the deaths of my nephew, sister, and fiance all within 5 months of each other, which was several years AFTER SOS and I had parted company… AFTER I won FULL custody of my daughter in TWO separate custody battles. AFTER her multiple incidents of lying, cheating, and overspending MY money putting me in an almost insurmountable amount of debt….Yes, I have some issues,which will be further explored here, and anyone who may read this has probably known someone who struggles with this awful disease, but I am a good man, and I am HONEST… so here is the truth, not my SIDE of the story, but the truth….Believe what you will….

SOS claims that I was not in attendance at the birth of my child, but she fails to truthfully explain that A.After learning of her issues as a compulsive pathological liar I had told her to burn my phone number and I didn’t know she was pregnant until a week or so prior, ( we had had unprotected sex only once, so imagine my shock when I received that call 9 months later) B.I was working 95 miles from home ( 110 miles from her place ), and C. That her BOYFRIEND who she had convinced that it was HIS child about to be born, claiming that she had never slept with me, ( this man stalked her and was fully aware of the fact that she slept in my bed on many occasions ), was in attendance and fled mere moments after my daughter was delivered, seeing the clear resemblance to ME. I saw my daughter for the first time when she was THREE days old, and had an incredible experience of love at first sight. She looked so much like my sister as an infant… there was no question she was mine… the DNA test confirmed this, but was absolutely unneeded. I told SOS that I fully intended to be a part of her life from that second forward and began driving 95 miles home from work to shower and eat, and then driving 35 miles to her place to spend time with my, often sleeping, infant child. After almost 2 months of running myself ragged to spend time with my baby SOS asked me to move in, NOT the other way around. She convinced me that we should TRY and establish a normal family life for our child and that she knew that the lying and storytelling that led me to dump her ass 11 months prior would have to cease. I wanted what was best for my child, so I left my apartment and moved out to a shitberg town of 42 people to live in a trailer house which was then owned by her aunt. The first 6 months actually went quite well…. ( oh yea, my daughter DID have chicken pox as a baby, though it was nothing like described by SOS. I have had the chicken pox 3 times, all mild cases, and as unbelievable as that sounds it’s possible, ask your Dr…. Her bout with pneumonia did not happen until she was nearly 6 months old and I can tell you that seeing my baby suffer through that was heart wrenching). The description of my daughters breathing problems are greatly exaggerated as she only had pneumonia twice and, as her father before her, contracted bronchitis multiple times. After living together for 6 months, with ME paying ALL of the household bills, ( SOS worked at Ponderosa steakhouse and made barely enough to make her car payment ), the pattern of lying and cheating returned and my experience became a nightmare. She was cheating on me with the same guy that had fled the delivery room….The pattern of abuse continued throughout my entire relationship with POS, and I continued to allow it because I have a very forgiving nature which stems from my faith in Christ, I believe in second chances, but looking back I know that I withstood too much for too long in hopes of salvaging a chance at a stable ” family life ” for my daughter.

In her blog SOS goes on to describe our first trip to New Jersey…. Even my mother, who is fully aware of the compulsive pathological lying bag of shit that Chrissie ( SOS ) is, was dumbfounded at her fairytale version of the truth…. Seriously?? She claims that shortly after we arrived that I ” left with my sister”, left her with my ” vicious dog ” ( what a joke THAT is, my dog was quite protective and wary of strangers but ANYONE that’s ever known me well enough to know my dogs would tell you what an incredible dog trainer I am, the dog in question never harmed a soul ), and that my mother left for bingo shortly after meeting her brand new and ONLY granddaughter…. Outrageous bullshit to say the least…She also claims that every day we were in NJ that I left her alone to go hang out with my old ” drug buddies “…Nonsense!! First of all, as I stated when I began this post, my substance abuse began well after SOS and I parted ways, and prior to that my ” drug use ” was limited to smoking marijuana, which I admit to doing occasionally. During that first visit we explored NJ as well as New York city and I took her to the Statue of Liberty, The world Trade center, a helicopter tour of NYC, the Jersey Shore… yea, the TRUTH is we vacationed while my mother and sister got aquainted with their newest family member. SOS didn’t mention any of THAT, but would have the world believe that she was cooped up in a slum, alone, while I went out and got high….LUDICROUS to say the least. Oh, and by the way, my mothers home and yard is worth easily 7 or 8 times what her parents old dilapidated shack is worth….

In the next paragraph she goes on to say the abuse started after that trip, and here she tells the truth, only with a twist… You see, it was I who was being abused. She also claims she had been quite independent… LOL… Yea, ok, ask her parents how independent she was. As I stated above, her claim of going to work at 4:30 am is a outright fable….She worked at a fast food joint called Ponderosa, but again potential reader, you will believe what you will, I’m just here to kill some time and defend myself with the truth. Next she claims that I was layed off more than I worked, and again, this is an outright and blatant lie. In the first few years of my daughters life I was employed by several different contractors, which is the name of the game in union construction, but remained gainfully employed in all but the coldest of North Dakotas months. I was part of a giant sugar beet plant expansion, and also was employed at what was then the brand new Innovis hospital. Simply put, I worked my ass off as much as I could and paid ALL the household bills, including buying the trailer house we lived in from POS’s aunt. POS had an outrageously high car payment at 24% interest so I also bought her car so as to refinance it for her…ask her if she ever made any of THOSE payments…. I even bought her a new car we really couldn’t afford in another failed attempt to try to keep her happy. Of course, she stiffed me on that too and left me stuck with it when we finally split up over her continued cheating, lying and over spending….  I shall return to add more information when I find myself with nothing better to do. Until then have a blessed day!


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